Breakfast on the Costa Brava

A buffet breakfast will be served every morning. You can take breakfast at the main table, on the patio or find a quiet spot for yourselves. It is up to you. Please let us know if there is anything you especially wish to eat. Different choices will appear over the course of the week.

The kitchen can also be used by guests. A cupboard for food/snacks is available. Tea and coffee can be made at any time.

The anteroom to the kitchen has a separate fridge for guests’ use. Please feel free to buy mixers for your drinks or store food for picnics etc. Fresh, chilled drinking water will be available on a daily basis. Ice is kept in the main fridge/freezer in the corridor.

For a large part of the year our living is done outside in the garden or on the patio. The furniture can be moved depending on whether you wish to be in the sun or the shade.

An “honesty bar” is available in the Office, with beers, wines, soft drinks and snacks etc.

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